Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alive and trudging

Had I made this post last week (or even earlier this week) it might have been a bit bleaker.  But things move, shift, awaken, recede.

Christmas is coming!  Ugh!  My children have been a help in keeping me a bit focused, doing the seasonal tasks that need doing.  It's the shopping that I hate.

I don't mean i detest doing any shopping qua shopping.  It's buying presents that will never be just right, good enough, etc.  And, it's spending money.  I am rather cheap frugal, like Mr. Scrooge, a good steward of my paltry resources.

But I'm getting buy by.

Meanwhile, here is a picture from a month or so back.  Turkeys in the yard at our house in the woods.


Lemuel said...

I sat in the quiet of the living room yesterday afternoon and thought to myself that I should be out shopping for gifts. I have not bought anything yet for one son, I spent less than 10 for something (that I bought online) for the other son, and I have three small items for the wife (one of which I bought online) - although in fairness I did buy her something (online) that has already arrived and that I have already given her.
So I sat and thought about going shopping in the quiet.
And I got up, made myself a cup of tea, and sat some more until the thought passed.

Greg said...

Trying to get just the right gift is always difficult. I've asked everyone in my family what they want, and they each shrug their shoulders and mumble "anything's good". sigh

Ice John's World said...

It is never easy for holiday gift shopping. But at the same time, that makes the guessing game more interesting. :) Happy holidays!

JC said...

I'm with you, don't really like to get out and deal with the crowds, lines and traffic...and then not be able to find the size or color you wanted...grr!#$%*&*!
So, I did all the Christmas shopping in my underwear on Amazon this year! :-)
I like a sale, but only cause I am "frugal" as you put it.

Question about the turkeys... you said it was a picture from a month ago? Why so old, do they not look like that now, are they fricaced?

JC said... know, cash always fits and always the right color!

Ur-spo said...

Just tell us if you are visited by any Spirits.

Ice John's World said...
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