Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Impulse Shopper

OK, I dealt in some retail therapy (sort of) a few weeks ago. I didn't purchase a tangible item, but a service, but it's just as bad. Or good.

I joined a gym! OMG. I cannot afford this. But they were having a sale. Or were they?

Did I comparison shop? No. Did I wheel and deal? Not much. Did I feel like I was buying a car, or something? Yes. Did I explore similar options with a local vendor? No. I went with a chain; I got bowled over; I caved in; I signed the papers.

I can't believe I did that. Where is my ex-wife when I need her? She was always the wheeler-dealer. She read books on car buying before a purchase. She read books on real estate before buying or selling. Me? Well, sweet innocent little me couldn't bargain his way out of a free food line.

At 6'2", 250 lbs, you'd think I'd be intimidating. But I am a little wussy pussy cat. Putty in their hands. Cash on their bankrolls. Ahhhh!

Of course, I always ask myself the questions of "do I need this?" and "do I deserve this?" as well as the "can I afford this?" question. Dragging my self-esteem out of the cesspool takes some effort, but I don't regret doing that. YES. I deserve it. YES, I need to do something to get into better shape. Even though I live in a beautiful area for hiking, I don't get out much. (Hey, I don't get out much in a lot of ways, but I digress).

Yes. I am as deserving as the next person. And, I need to "get a life." That's part of what this journey out of the closet is about: finding myself, discovering myself, creating myself. And I need more than just some "cardio" workout stuff. I want to strengthen arms and chest [and look like a real muscle bear] and be a healthier person.

So, how do all you in blogger-land manage going to the gym? How do you make it a habit? When do you go? Do you like to go?

So, tonight I meet with the trainer person. (Uh oh. I'm wearing my Atlanta Bucks t-shirt).


Steven said...

Gym??? What's that? I have never made it to a gym outside of high school. And I still have to make use of a hand-me-down "Bo-Flex" from my oldest brother. Here's to only successes and no regrets for you at the gym. Enjoy!

Erik Rubright said...

I've only been to the gym a few times, but am still paying for a membership....

Hopefully you will have better luck on making it a habit than I have up to this point.

Jim said...

I used to be a big boy, top weight was 225 (i'm only 5'10") and had a 38" waist. I paid for a gym membership for years before I finally went. I worked hard, worked out 6 days a week and dropped 55 lbs in about 9 months.

Now its just maintenance mode!

You can do it if you set you mind to it!

Ur-spo said...

i go on a routine every tuesday and thursday
My partner nudges me to go on weekends - it is good to get a work out partner to help you not slack off

I have a personal trainer - they keep you structured and acountable

good luck!

Dyl said...

I used to go 4 times a week with a gym buddy when I lived down south. I agree with Ur-Spo that having a gym partner of some sort (friend/personal trainer) is invaluable - makes you far more likely to go, keep to a routine and essentially have some support.

When I first started ages ago I used a personal trainer and if you're not a gym-regular its useful if only to learn the equipment, get an understanding of where you want to go with it and have some achievable goals set (personal trainers are more likely to be realistic than you.) I lost 6 stone so it definitely works as long as you get the motivation from somewhere. Be clear in your head why you are doing this and measure your progress.

Since I moved north, things changed, and I didn't have anyone to go with. I ended up buying a (good) home gym set-up which makes it more likely I'll avoid it. Its sort-of worked ish :-)

Lemuel said...

In the early mid-90's I worked for a company that had a company gym as a perk for employees. I was there before work 5 days a week, some days after work asw ell, and on Saturday mornings. I had some nice "guns" and a semblance fo a chest and even a hint at abs and my weight stablized at about 190 (I'm a tad over 6').

Then I herniated my back (taking t-shirts out of a dryer!!) and it was the beginning of the end. I also left the company about a year later.

I tried to keep up with the free weights and a treadmill at home, but the rest of my body quit on me. They sit in my basement unused now and my weight and "shape" are out of control.

When I was doing it, I found that once I got in the habit, it was not hard to keep it. In fact I'd get cranky if I did not exercise. (At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.) *grin*

manxxman said...

Of course you deserved it. I joined a gym a year ago.......I went, then I stopped, then Geoff joined and we went and then we stopped.....we're still at the "stopped" period. Our problem is that Geoff wants to be there at 6 in the morning......and me I'm not a morning person. Anyway when I go I feel good......it's just that I'm better at making excuses right now.

Good luck......and become that gorgeous bear boy.

Anonymous said...

Well Dearest Joe, I've got a gym membership that I don't use...I went for a while but I despise crowds, and the gym that I belong to seems to have over sold its membership....you know how chains are, make the money even if you cant accomodate all the members. So anywho, have just over a year left on the membership (we signed for 2) and need to start going. I had been on Weight Watchers and dropped 70 pounds and was a cute little cub but alas, the tonnage has returned. I'm debating about mounting davits along my back for life boats and renting myself out as a recreational yacht to raise some extra money, LOL. Hope you are well dear man.

Me said...

I don't know why I am anonymous.....if I had hair it would be blonde.

RG said...

When I could afford a gym, I went 4x a week religiously. I use the gym in my housemate's basement, but not religiously - there are no hot Latino guys to look in the mirror, so who cares? LOL

Anyway, my motivation was the results I got from working out. At first I was sore as hell, but made myself go and told myself it was worth it. I started seeing results in about 4 weeks. That's what kept me going. That an a full time job to pay for it. LOL

BadgerBear said...

I've gone off and on for decades. I love the feeling of the workout itself, yet really, really can't stand the mindless boredom of being in a gym doing mindless things. I prefer being outside and hiking, riding the bike (riding the boyfriend!), doing yoga, PIlates, whatever.

I'm just abundle of contradictions.

Ross said...

We talk about getting one, but haven't taken the plunge yet. I will just be highly annoyed if we get a membership that we don't use.

JR Ford said...

I've been going to gyms at least 3 times a week since I was about 20. I'm now 44 and my weight hasn't fluctuated more than 15 pounds the whole time. It does get harder and harder to keep the fat off as you get older.

I have to admit, the eye candy helps in the motivation department.

Also, if I miss for more than about 5 days I feel like I'm going to explode.

The key is to find a pace and routine you can maintain for life.

Stick with it. It's worth it!

Jim said...

So glad you stumbled onto my blog... and that you left a comment..now I have yours and your blog list.... Bwuhhhh haaaa haaaa!

I go to the gym and have for years... eleven now. It is just something I do and has become a habit. Last three months have been thin... two or three times a week... but that is due mostly to all of the turmoil at once. I love it... love how it makes me look.. .and love the attention I can still generate at 48. Probably not good humility wise...

Neil said...

My three workouts a week: 1. chest, biceps, triceps, abs; 2. back, forearms, legs, abs; 3. shoulders, legs, abs. That's ideally. Practically, things happen like dividing one workout in two - especially lately, since I've been a worn-out zombie.

Don't make the same mistake I've been making - sleep as much as you need to, otherwise workout isn't effective.

Greg said...

I don't care much for the whole gym culture thing. Like Badger, I'd rather be outside doing things like walking or biking or something. Still getting rid of my post-smoker gains as the one year anniversary approaches. But I'm making some progress...if only the rain would just come late, late at night.

Topper said...

Well i have a gym membership, plus a "fitness center" in my complex.. I need to go more regularly for all the reasons you mention. The saying just do it. My problem is the crazy schedule i keep.

evilganome said...

I usually go 5 to 6 times a week, but I can get a little obsessive. The trick for me was to find the right time of day. I am an early riser, so I try to get there as early as possible.

At first my motivation was to lose weight, now I am just shifting it around. You need to realize after a certain point, the scales are not your friend. Muscle weighs more than fat. Also, weight training burns more fat than aerobic. Aerobic however is really important to keep your metabolism up.

Good luck with it.