Friday, September 30, 2011

Spo Shirt, Beer City, BLURP

The amazing Spo Shirt Tour visited one of our local breweries.  No, the picture is not about dogs or science, but the Lexington Avenue Brewery (known locally as the Lab).  You see, our fair city is Beer City USA.  Really.  I didn't make that up.

So, even though we didn't stop in for a brew, we stopped by for a picture.  My crappy camera doesn't focus, so forgive the fuzziness of the picture.  I make no apologize about my natural fuzziness.

Tonight, I'm going with friend D for supper and a movie.  This week is the QFest film festival in our fair city.  Should be great fun.

Tomorrow is our local Pride celebration, BLURP.  I'm volunteering at a couple of booths throughout the day.  Too windy to wear my kilt, I fear.  Could get me into trouble.  More trouble.

Life goes on.  And with gratitude, I'm making it, a day at a time.  Today's a good day.

Cheers all.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spo Shirt Tour

The Famous Spo Shirt arrived and has now paraded around town.  I'm not used to being in such bright, colorful attire!

In our first photo, I'm in from of our famous, art deco City Building.  Though the sun was out, it was a chilly day!

As my computer is acting up and may not be able to handle much today, I'll add some posts with a few other pictures.

And, as my camera is really awful and doesn't seem to focus well, I ask your forgiveness on the pix.  It was not the photographer (friend D.S.).

OH!  The Spo Shirt also made an entry into Sean's Undie Monday.  Check it out.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Remembering the events of ten years ago has been sad.  Really sad.  Forgiveness is a tough thing, sometimes. 

Then again, sometimes, it is the only thing.

Islam is not the enemy.  Religion isn't even the enemy (though it's easy to say so.)Extremism, absolutism, and fanaticism - they are the enemies.  Those who feel so strongly about being right are the ones who think they must punish those who are not like them.

If we do not behave in a very different way, if we do not embrace forgiveness, we become like them.  It is so easy to do.

"They" did not win.  The attacks of the 11th of September, 2001, did not succeed.  There only success will be if we become like them.

Even if we do not feel very forgiving, we must live it on the outside, until we can embrace it on the inward side.  Then . . . . .

Love wins. 

Monday, September 05, 2011


Yes, alive, and OK, if not well.  But, hey, compared to life in Mogadishu, I'm doing great. (Note to self:  stop whining).

The Spo Shirt has arrived, and I shall post pictures of its whereabouts this week.  Now, I just need to get out and about some.

Update:  It's a dark and stormy night as the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee roar through the mountains.  Just got some pictures of the newly arrived Spo Shirt. Thought I'd share some.